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This website is dedicated to fanfiction about Odo and Kira of Star Trek's Deep Space Nine. Some of the material contains adult content. If you are under 17, please consult the story ratings

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5/19/14 New Review "The Bumpy Road to Love" exploring the growth and evolution of Odo and Kira's relationship, can be found in the DS9 Episode Reviews section.




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My Stories

Winn at any Cost [R] Sexual Situations  NEW!  From Season seven "Strange Bedfellows." Odo and Kira discuss Kai Winn.


Respect [G] NEW!  From Season six "The Reckoning." Odo reacts to Kira's possession by a Prophet, imperiling her life.


I've Got the Fever! [NC-17] Explicit sexual content From Season three "Fascination." An AU look at what might have happened if Lwaxana's Zanthi fever had affected Odo and Kira. PWP with a little Odoangst thrown in.


 A Solid(ary) Man [NC-17] Explicit sexual content.  Post WYLB. This lengthy story begins 15 years after the end of the Dominion War and ultimately resolves Odo and Kira's separation. 

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My "His Way" Collection


Practice . . . Practice . . . Practice   [PG]    Vic tries to teach Odo how to charm a woman.


Saturday Night Shocks   [G]  What happened to Odo and Kira right after their first *date* at Vic's, when Odo thought Kira was a hologram? From Season 6 "His Way."


 Sunday Morning Surprises [NC-17]  Explicit sexual content. Events immediately following the Kiss, from "His Way.


The Morning After the Morning  [R] Sexual Situations.    Sometimes, the morning after isn't exactly what we expect. 

 ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥                


 A Bajoran Kind of Christmas [G]  Silly, sentimental Odo/Kira Christmas story.


 Left Behind [G] Kira angst as Odo prepares to return to the Great LInk


 Leaving Behind [G]  Odo angst as he prepares to leave Kira and return to the Great LInk.


 Devil Be Mine [PG]  A dark AU look at events following season 6 "Sacrifice of Angels"


Chang(el)ing Discoveries  [NC-17] Explicit sexual content.   Kira reflects on her life with Odo. 


 Renouncement [G]     What might have happened after Odo and Kira return to the Defiant in the aftermath of Odo's discovery of his people. Takes place after Season three's "The Search Part 2."

 No Time Like the Present  [NC-17] Explicit Changeling sex. AU story of the events following "Children of Time."

If You're Very Lucky [G] Post WYLB, Odo bids Kira a final farewell.

Gain and 'Laas' [PG-13] Events during and after 7th season episode, "Chimera." Odo and Kira explore their new relationship.

Solid Conections [G] From Season 2 "The Circle," Odo reacts to Kira's removal from Deep Space Nine.

A 'Major' Fantasy [R] sexual situations.  From Season 1 episode “If Wishes were Horses.” What if, under the influence of the subspace rupture, Odo dreamed of being with Major Kira. 


Closet Confessions [PG-13] The conversation that may have taken place off camera in Jadzia's closet, from Season 6 "You are Cordially Invited..."


Everybody Comes to Quark's [ PG-13] An evening at Quark’s. Silly, pointless fluff.


Star-Crossed [PG-13] Kira comes to terms with Odo’s departure to the Great Link.

Tortured Reflections [G] Odo angst, in the aftermath of "The Die is Cast."


From Boslia, With Love [R] sexual situations. Quark has a late night rendezvous. 



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 Thank you for visiting my website! I am an active writer and am continually updating my site with new stories about my very favorite couple, Odo and Kira.

I've included some key moments in Odo and Kira's relationship as well as some 'cute' Odo/Kira scenes.

You'll also find a wonderful collection of Odo/Kira music videos created by Donna, and some Deep Space Nine episode reviews that I've written for Rene's fan club publication, ORACLE.

As a fanfiction writer, my only reward is reader feedback. If you liked what you've read, or even if you don't, I'd love to hear from you. Email me with your comments and feedback, or sign my Guestbook.

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